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How I Conduct Healing Sessions

My services are available both in-person and distance-based via Zoom, phone call, etc. If your session is being conducted distance-based, know that all energy is connected which allows healing to be conducted from anywhere. Even air is full of atoms generating energy.  All that is required for energy healing to occur is intention, trust, and a willingness to let things go that no longer serve you.  I have facilitated over 1,200 energy healing sessions, most of which are distance-based, and all of my clients have received tangible results from their session. During your session, you may feel energy moving and releasing, heat, cold, static charge, pressure, or nothing at all.  It all depends on you and how sensitive you are to energy.  Many have reported feeling much lighter following a session with me.

Before every session I spend at least 20 minutes in meditation to charge and be filled with healing energy which will be used to facilitate any energetic release that is required.  To start your session, you will be interviewed to determine the root cause of the issues that you are facing. Oftentimes, causes of these issues are emotional-based energies that are stuck or are energetic baggage that you are carrying from others.  I have found that stuck, negative emotional energies, which exist in the energy body, have physical manifestations in the physical body. This is because stuck emotional energies attract toxins and other physically-based materials to where they are located within the body. Much of what exists in the energetic realm, especially when it comes to unexpressed emotional energy, has a physical representation in the physical reality. An example of this is the knot that you feel in your throat when you do not allow yourself to cry.


Once the interview is completed, I set an intention to release all that was identified during the interview and to release all that no longer benefits your highest good. Next, I lead you through a guided visualization release process using vocal commands to release all issue-causing factors that were identified during the interview.  I have found that vocal commands are highly effective at releasing identified energy such as grief relating to a particular topic.  If you are unable to visualize it is not a problem, the healing energy will still be just as effective.  As a confirmation of a successful release, I will feel in my body that you released whatever was called out.  During the guided release portion of your session, I am also holding space for you to release energetic baggage that has been weighing you down and making your life more difficult.  This is a big purpose of my meditation before your session as the energy charge will be used to release these energies. After the guided release, I will then check your body using my ability to see energy to see if there is anything else left to be addressed. You will then be refilled with golden light to prevent your former issues from being able to return.


We may touch upon some very sensitive topics in order to address your issues.  Know that my services are conducted completely confidentially and your privacy is assured.  This is also a judgment-free space.  The more honest you are with me and with yourself, the better your results will be from the session.


I look forward to assisting you!

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