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Energy Healing & Massage Therapy Sessions

A variety of energy healing and shamanic methods can be performed during sessions to include:

Reiki energy healing

Chakra clearing and balancing

Energy field repair (Aura surgery)

Energy clearing of organs

Stuck energy release

Cord cutting

Programming removal

Past life healings

Soul contract adjustments

Soul retrievals

Light language activations

Galactic aspect & animal totem integrations

Integration of energetic upgrades

Channeled guidance

Massage Therapy


Light Language & Empowerment Sessions

In light language sessions, I request channeled words that contain the intentions of activations or any other requests you have. Examples include clair activations such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, energetic cleansing of yourself or your home, etc. My empowerment sessions are designed to bring you more into alignment with your true self.


Healer Attunements

Receive an attunement to Reiki energy healing, Christ Force healing, Dragon energy healing, or unicorn healing energy.

  • Attunement to Usui Reiki levels 1, 2 or Reiki Master
    30 min
    50 US dollars
  • Become a Christ Force Healer to maximize your energy healing abilities
    30 min
    50 US dollars
  • Attunement as a dragon healer to facilitate deeper healings
    30 min
    50 US dollars
  • Attunement to unicorn healing energy and meet your personal unicorn
    20 min
    50 US dollars