Reiki & Quantum Healing

Reiki enables the restoration of life force energy through the use of the magnetic energy that is present in all things. Reiki aligns the flow of energy within you and provides energy to various energetic centers in your body that are called chakras that regulate various bodily and mental functions. Chakras require routine calibration to fully restore these functions in your body. Quantum healing is accomplished through visualization using my clairvoyance. I am able to see energetic issues and remove them very efficiently with this method.


Light Language & Empowerment Sessions

In light language sessions, I request channeled words that contain the intentions of activations or any other requests you have. Examples include clair activations such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, energetic cleansing of yourself or your home, etc. My empowerment sessions are designed to bring you more into alignment with your true self.