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Usui Reiki Level 2



Have you been wanting to expand on your energy healing abilities to include providing distance-based energy healing? In this Usui Reiki level two class you can learn how to facilitate energy healing by distance for others, learn some very useful techniques for rapidly clearing energy, and have your energy healing abilities enhanced!


This class recording download includes the class notes, slides, and a coupon code to be attuned to Usui Reiki level two to enhance your energy healing abilities. Please schedule an attunement session with me prior to starting the class. There is a document in your zip file that you will download that has the coupon code in it.


In this class we cover a variety of topics to include:

  • Providing distance-based energy healing

  • Journeying into the body and chakras for detailed energy healing

  • Methods to facilitate rapid energy release

  • Establishing a grounding cord for yourself and others

  • Activating your Earth and Cosmic energy channels

  • Shielding yourself from dense energies

  • Cord cuttings

  • Trauma healing

  • Healing pain with breathwork

  • Methods for charging your energy more efficiently

  • Collapsing timelines and recalling energy from them

  • Creating a Reiki box for manifestation


Total class length is 2.25 hours

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