What is Reiki?

In a physical sense, Reiki is the use of magnetic energy to align the flow of energy within you as well as providing energy to various energetic centers in your body that are called chakras that regulate various bodily and mental functions. Chakras require routine calibration to fully restore these functions in your body. The magnetic energy is channeled in your body through magnetite. You have an unknown amount of magnetite in your body that is formed from the oxidation or breaking down of Iron which is found in your daily diet. A video I made explaining the flow of energy all around us and the role of magnetite in our bodies can be found below. The other below video describes how energy healing is performed and includes a sample healing session. I embedded energy healing into the video so just by watching it you will receive healing energy.

1-on-1 Distance Reiki Healing

A personal $20/15 minute or $40/30 minute Reiki healing session conducted via the Zoom app, over the phone, or just texting me that you're ready to receive the healing. 

Pet Distance Reiki Healing

In this session I provide your pet with healing energy for 15 minutes for $15. After booking, I will contact you for a picture of your pet which I will use to send it healing energy. Please ask for its permission for me to do this before the session.

Group Distance Reiki Healing 

Join my group 45-minute Reiki healing session for $10 per person on Sundays or Wednesdays at 9pm EST conducted as a group via the Zoom app or just being open to receiving the healing energy.

Daily Grounding Subscription

This subscription is $10/month and provides you with grounding energy every morning as long as your subscription is active. I start with 5 minutes of charging your upper 6 chakras. Then I provide energy healing for 10 minutes to your root chakra, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet and then charge your energy field base. 

Inner Child Healing

This session is $30/30 minutes. When we experience traumatic events in our life, our inner child is effected by them. This session will focus on provide energy healing to these events which will bring back that part of you that split off due to trauma to your inner child. This will empower you more with the energy from yourself that you lost that day.

Light Language Activation

In this $20 service, I request channeled words that contain the intentions of activations or any other requests you have. Examples include clair activations such as clairaudience, claifvoyance, energetic cleansing of yourself or your home, etc.

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