How to Channel Messages

In this class, you will learn how to channel messages from your higher self and beings. All who register will receive a link to a recorded video of the class to view afterwards if they’re unable to attend live. Due to the nature of channeling, this class is intended for healers that have any amount of clairvoyant ability. During class, you will be given time to practice channeling with your fellow classmates.

A complementary light language activation to increase your current ability to channel messages will be included!

Class topics include:

- Receiving messages from your higher self, nature spirits, deities, and more!

- Automatic writing

- Trance channeling

- Learning how to strengthen your third eye and higher chakras

- Recognizing when interference is clouding your messages and how to remove it

- How to communicate with nature

- Receiving messages for someone by looking at their photo

- Using clairvoyance to choose the best choice in any situation

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