Full Moon Energy Release

Do you feel as though stuck energies are slowing your spiritual evolution? Allow me to assist you in getting unstuck and experience an incredible release of energy you no longer desire to embody at this time with a shamanic Saminchakuy ceremony on the Full Moon! The ceremony begins with listing anything you wish to release at this time. I then bring each participant into a private Zoom breakout room for the energy release. During this portion of the ceremony I channel pure divine energy into your energy field, bones, circulatory system, and your major chakras using a method developed by the Q'ero shamans in the Andes mountains. This method removes all stagnant energies present throughout your physical body and energy field. Participants always report feeling intense heat as the energy releases and that they feel incredible after the energy release has finished.

The ceremony will be followed by an integration of the Munay-Ki starkeeper's rite to connect you more deeply to your higher self. Following the integration of this rite we will undergo a shamanic journey to receive guidance from your higher self.

​This event will not be recorded and will be held on Zoom.